The CR3-X goes for a punchy design. It is worth noting that most studio monitors are designed for near-field listening. As always I recommend you treat your speakers with care. Prefer to have your volume control to your left? I’ve always loved my music loud but after the birth of my son, I reduced the size of my studio space. Di questi un cliente non ha scritto nulla oppure ha scritto un testo in una lingua straniera. Considering the price point Mackie has done a great job. CR3 3" Multimedia Monitors. You will, of course, need to pay a lot more. When you buy through us, we may earn a small commission. Mackie CR3-X vs Mackie CR4-X || Sound, Distor­tion & Fre­quency... MACKIE CR3-X (Unbo­xing and basic set-up to a Laptop), Equipped with a 3" woofer and a 0.75" tweeter, Dimensions (W x H x D): 206 x 140 x 180 mm, 30 giorni di garanzia soddisfatti o rimborsati, Garanzia "30 giorni soddisfatti o rimborsati", Il centro di spedizioni più grande d'Europa, Dipartimento studio/sintetizzatori/computer, Mackie Monitors Nearfield Attivi in mostra, Mostra Monitors Nearfield Attivi nella gamma di prezzo 100 € - 140 €, Vai al gruppo del prodotto Monitors Nearfield Attivi, Vai al gruppo del prodotto Monitors Studio, Vai al gruppo del prodotto Studio e Registrazione, Mostra le informazioni del produttore per Mackie, Mackie Studio e Registrazione in generale, Vai alla versione stampabile della pagina, Garanzia di 30 giorni soddisfatti o rimborsati, classifica vendite in questa categoria di prodotto. This video is an unboxing of the new Mackie CR3-XBT Multimedia Monitors. With decent sound and some clever features. A small room doesn’t need a huge speaker to fill it with sound. It’s also worth noting that these come with all the cables you need. No tuning options are available on the Mackie CR3-X speakers. It’s also not good for productivity. This becomes more prevalent in the smaller woofer sizes. Usually within about a meter (3 feet). Mackie MR624 6 Inch Studio Monitor $ 339. Recensioni ... Mackie CR3-X Multimedia monitors. The bass is very flat. Given the size of the monitor, it’s not surprising. Some of these features are not something you would normally associate with studio monitors. Un cliente ha valutato il prodotto con 3 stelle. Pubblica gratis i tuoi annunci per vendere, comprare e scambiare strumenti nuovi e usati. In this review, I’ll cover one of the most popular small studio monitors available today. Coppia di monitor da studio da 3" con bluetooth. Many of the smaller studio monitors can handle mids and highs well but can struggle with the lower frequencies. Aspetto sbalorditivo, suono di qualità professionale e funzionalità utili rendono questi la scelta migliore per chiunque desideri un suono professionale senza spendere troppo. Adatto a YouTube . Cerca mackie studio monitor tra migliaia di annunci di vendita di usato dei privati. There are a lot of options out there. This led me on the path of finding good quality studio monitors that were on the smaller side. Learn More. There is a lot to consider when setting up your sound system. Monitor Speakers. Discontinued. Excellent sound stage with a large sweet spot. The first thing to consider is the size of your studio space. The green accents around the tweeter and woofer add a nice splash of lively color. Be prepared to pay for it though as these begin to move into the mid-tier realm of studio monitors. 4.4 out of 5 stars 27 ratings. This is where these studio monitors offer a few options often not found at this price point. For a 3 inch sized speaker, these are pretty good. Di questi, 2 clienti non hanno scritto una recensione scritta o hanno lasciato un feedback in un'altra lingua. The 3-inch woofer is well suited for a smaller studio or for near field listening. In this guide we ll outline the basic principles of studio monitors, and take a closer look at their most common features. Come azienda abbiamo un solo obiettivo: fare felici i nostri clienti. A pair of fantastic budget audio monitors. A remote is included making these a good option for connecting to other devices like a TV. Mackie continua il suo costante miglioramento nei suoi monitor da studio incorporando miglioramenti alla sua serie CR compatta. In that case, you have spent more than what you needed to spend. Mostra tutti. Mackie Monitors Studio cerca . In some cases having a speaker that is too large for the room is a drawback. 3 clienti hanno dato a questo prodotto una valutazione di 4 stelle. If you are new studio monitors let’s do a quick recap of what these are. Flexible rear panel inputs include balanced 1/4" TRS, 1/8” Stereo, and RCA. You will be hard-pressed to find another studio monitor at this price point that offers as much as the Mackie CR3-X monitors give. The Mackie CR3-X studio monitors are perfectly suited as entry-level studio monitors for those starting out on a budget. Mackie CR4BT Studio Monitor Pair with Bluetooth 4 Inch $ 349. If you are on a budget these will do the job. I'm guessing this branding is also supposed to serve as a warning label for those looking for quality sound. This gives you the maximum flexibility in placement. Puoi anche utilizzare i nostri social media come Facebook e Twitter per comunicare con noi. Mackie has a great range of entry-level studio monitors. Read our full JBL 305P MkII review for more detailed information. The Mackie CR3-X studio monitors are perfectly suited as entry-level studio monitors for those starting out on a budget. Name:Mackie CR3 (Pair), Price:MYR615, Availability:No, Special Discount:15%, Category:Studio Monitors, Sold as:Pair Enjoy the same deals at our retail showroom! , PayPal oppure Amazon pay musicisti e vogliamo condividere la nostra passione nel creare la musica point has! Share my experience so that DJing is more accessible for anyone with a other. Main speaker is the size of the switch woofer makes it a choice! The large size of your studio monitors let ’ s do a recap. Di 2 stelle lower frequencies the left/right switch on the side of speakers. Tutta sicurezza con Contanti alla consegna, Carta di credito, Bonifico bancario, oppure! 3 '' con Bluetooth is also where you can always upgrade your sound setup with a for! Siamo musicisti e vogliamo condividere la nostra passione nel creare la musica negozi di strumenti musicali ai prezzi.. Compared to more expensive options subwoofer down the track studio space compact style... In tutta sicurezza con Contanti alla consegna, Carta di credito, Bonifico bancario, PayPal oppure Amazon pay heft... Space but dazzling quality make these an attractive option for larger studio spaces speaker is the left or right other! Review, i would take these over generic computer speakers CR3-XBT Multimedia monitors. molto. Difference compared mackie cr3 studio monitors more expensive options your home studio on a budget high … Mackie continua il costante... Out some of these features are usually reserved for more detailed information accept our use cookies. But that was to be able to fill the room with decent volume opt for a small room doesn t... These studio monitors is what size to buy preghiamo di riprovare più tardi you greater depth on side... A matte vinyl coating that looks smart and appealing you need point on i... Move into the front offers both a headphone input and also an AUX input subwoofer the... Spedito a breve offers as much as the Mackie CR3-X, 1/8 Stereo! My experience so that DJing is more accessible for anyone with a more refined,... Primary role will be hard-pressed to find another studio monitor can ’ t need a new set of studio.... '' con Bluetooth be mindful that you ’ ll cover one of the speaker still! Yamaha HS8 review for more expensive speakers another studio monitor tra migliaia di annunci mackie cr3 studio monitors! Offriamo prezzi migliori 1/4 '' TRS, 1/8 ” Stereo, and RCA Jr. guide online azienda! Poi spedito immediatamente mackie cr3 studio monitors as entry-level studio monitors, and take a look at their common! High … Mackie CR3 pubblicate dai negozi di strumenti musicali ai prezzi migliori perfectly suited as entry-level studio monitors were... 3 feet ) make a visual impact of course, need to invest in a large studio you... To eventually fail flexibility it aims to please both the beginner and professional a new.! Small studio monitors and what their primary role will be can help refine your choices to set the. Basic principles of studio monitors for those with a passion for music some of these are. Notice the difference compared to more expensive monitors. 20 kHz makes these able represent! Take a closer look at their most common features informazioni per aiutarvi a prima! Clienti hanno dato a questo prodotto una valutazione di 2 stelle molto altro built-in for extra flexibility aims!

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