He does, however, have a big green laser that he blasts Batman with so that he can turn him into a 4-year-old. The Joker on the other hand sees no reason to crack open the mystery of Batman. I'm honestly tempted to make a case for "Beware the Gray Ghost," too, because it's the story that best encapsulates what the idea of Batman means to his readers. If there was any doubt that Dini and Radomski were hanging a lampshade on it, however, that's eliminated when Harley Quinn offers Batman the equally cliché choice of letting her go or saving Catwoman, not realizing he's within arm's reach of the switch that can shut off the machinery. I think you’re absolutely right. There are 4 company that have an address matching 41075 Hwy 195 Haleyville, AL 35565. Joker just goes places and there’s a devious plan, already in place and in motion. Superman, for instance, isn’t just a good man with super-powers, he’s a symbol of everything that’s good and selfless with a face and a logo on his chest, and as much as Batman’s come to symbolize the relentless, single-minded pursuit of justice, the Joker’s done the same, becoming chaos itself. And that’s not really that compelling. Like Luthor, he’s almost omnipresent, the strength of the earlier stories, the visual contrast and the prominence of his character on the TV show pushing him to the forefront for most of the character’s life. So you disagree with the Joker’s characterization of himself in TDK as “Do I really look like a guy with a plan? Therefore, he is the tester of Batman. Actually, while the description of the Joker is seemingly detailed, I found your post lacking in analysis. It’s just a poison that caused their muscles to force a smile. Then when he died, I was like hey I seen that movie. You don't dress up as a bat and drive around in a rocket car to fight supervillains just because you think a spooky cape is going to give you an edge against crime. There’s not a whole lot that’s distinctive about him–when you stack him up against the rest of the arch-criminals, anyway–and aside from the visual aspects, there’s almost nothing in the character that we’d recognize as the Joker of today. I found myself wanting to pick your brain on several point and this will provide incredible banter material in the future. He claims to want to destroy “the schemers” or “people with plans”. 10:16. I think they need to re-evaluate the whole joker fish thing. See more ideas about sims 4, sims, superhero. Nov 2, 2020 - Explore Amanda's board "Sims 4 Superhero CC", followed by 102 people on Pinterest. I’ll be amazed if they don’t go with a darker version of the Riddler in the next Dark Knight film. You know, I just, do things. More importantly, though, this [the Killing Joke] is the story that brings the one great similarity between Batman and the Joker to the forefront: They’re both amazing planners, So you disagree with the Joker’s characterization of himself in TDK as “Do I really look like a guy with a plan? This path brings him face-to-face with his alter-ego: the Joker. There's a theatricality to Batman, a piece of his character that only really works if you accept that he's a guy who, for all his brooding, truly loves what he does. That connection didn’t orginate with Rogers–that film was the inspiration for the Joker in the first place! It all fits. This is the guy who pushes Batman to his limit in Dark Knight Returns and snaps his own neck after a triple-digit murder spree, just to make everyone think Batman’s finally lost it. Great article Cris, hoping you come out with more features on the bad people. (I had been working on this for a while, but until Chris Sims wrote his excellent piece on the Joker, I had been having a lot of problems structuring it the way I wanted it to flow. Well done! Penguin's story features Batman relying on the Utility Belt and turning his foe's weapons against him, and Joker's finds Batman enduring the pain of an electric chair before escaping. I’ll fix it when I get home. That's a big piece of the mythos, and don't let anyone tell you it isn't. yet all of his attacks in the movie must have required precise planning and thought. I’m sure Siegel wasn’t going for those connotations, but the obnoxious post-structuralist in me says authorial intent is irrelevant, anyway. Great post. Anyway, I’m just going to repeat what everyone else has said. What makes him? He can do anything, so why bother? I just watched it again (the relevant flashback is on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QPGqqLYSjg), and it’s certainly the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen from the animated series folks; it’s something about the way Tim still moves like an acrobat even when he’s been essentially destroyed as a person. By shifting around the focus, putting Batman in the background, it makes the villains we see defeated at the end of every episode seem genuinely threatening. Whereas that Batman of the 1940s is a dour, grim avenger in black and grey who works in secret and things like “a fitting end for his kind” when he “accidentally” kicks a dude into a vat of chemicals, the Joker’s loud and garish enough to broadcast his intentions over the airwaves, and while Golden Age Batman was a lot more prone to witty fight banter, the Joker’s alarmingly direct: From the start, he’s an amazing visual, and it’s a complete inversion of the classic hero and villain formula. It's the allies. I’ve passed this along to a number of people; a really enjoyable and illuminating read. —Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on X-Men Origins: Wolverine The story is so good and the art, the art just blows my mind every time I read it. If he’d tried to trademark the fish, he probably would’ve succeeded. For our purposes, though, we need to focus on what it really means to be a "perfect unit of Batman.". In her first appearance, "Pretty Poison," Ivy seduces and attempts to murder Harvey Dent, and it turns out that he still holds a pretty understandable grudge, even after switching sides and becoming a supervillain. However, they have a lot of useful mods, especially ones created by Chris Hatch.) You can see it in the characters, of course, but you can also see it in the way everything is designed. Of course, three years prior to the story, the Joker was already popular and prominent enough to carry his own solo series, even if it did last a short nine issues, so who knows? Holy crap, Chris! That makes narrowing down a single one a pretty daunting task. He’s less a criminal and more a force of nature. For that matter it certainly doesn’t make them anything other than mad. Precisely! I remember when I was very small, reading a little book version of the Laughing Fish, which probably explains so much about what I have become. Short answer: a black-ops agent, Jason Bourne style, who got burned – bad. He’s just also a liar. I try to show the schemers how, pathetic, their attempts to control things really are.”, Of course, as you’ve written, “The Joker” isn’t one character but several depending on who’s writing the story, and besides, the character isn’t always honest…. After you pull away the “chaos” and the “lies,” what’s left for the character? A force of nature is unpredictable, unplanned, has no goal, and unbiased. In other words, the only thing really different about Batman and Joker are their ultimate goals (order versus entropy). I never really heard of him until the batman movie. BackAlleySims (Chris Hatch) This is an 18+ adult site for simmers, so be aware. In fact, in several cases it involved seriously going out of his way. This was the Joker in full end-boss mode, the Final Form of the Clown Prince of Crime that shot and paralyzed Barbara Gordon and gleefully beat Robin to death with a crowbar. It does, after all, have pretty much everything you want to see from Batman: The casual way he takes a thug’s veiled punches and then lays him out in one shot (a trademark of O’Neil’s ’70s Batman), the deduction of where the Joker’s hiding based off the dirt on his shoes, he fights a shark, and of course… well, just look at this thing: Of course, it is a Joker story, and O’Neil did a lot to bring back what was so compelling about the character: He’s on a murder spree that’s ostensibly based on getting revenge against the henchman who sold him out, but beneath the surface, there’s the idea that for the Joker, it’s far easier to just kill five people than find out which one ratted him out. I think Batman realizes he could have easily gone the way of the Joker and understands what drives him, even if he loathes it. From there on out, it just got scarier. For evidence, you don’t need to look any further than the 1966 TV show. His piece provided a helpful baseline for me to work from, and for that I give him kudos and praise.) I came out of that movie wanting to follow the Joker because he turned the craziness into some coherant plan… and i’m only mildly nuts. Maybe. That's a pretty tall order, cramming in everything there is about Batman without making the story feel bloated and overstuffed, but with "Almost Got 'Im," director Eric Radomski and writer Paul Dini—also the show's Story Editor, who'd write most of the best episodes and go on to write Batman stories in the comics on and off for the next 25 years—pull it off. Matt: Not even so much out of malice as much as just curiosity. They let schoolkids do it now. We don’t have enough information to do more than guess. And by now, you’d have to know that he’s totally bugfuck crazy, so he might just kill you because he thinks it’ll be funny. That doesn’t have much to do with this post, but man, those are some good stories. Is this what we can expect from the suddenly more mature Chris? Add to that the fact that he’s around thirty real-time years into his criminal career at this point and would therefore probably be heading off to jail anyway with or without the evidence of his ex-flunkie, and you’ve got someone who breezes into town like a thunderstorm and just starts killing because it’s second nature to him. It’s as close to a turning point for the character as you’re likely to find. Except for the first bank robbery, the movie skips straight ahead to the point after Joker has already conceived and executed all his plans. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1826024, “It’s not that he can do anything, it’s that he does things unpredictably but realistically and, most importantly, deliberately. Was it just a slow build that returned the Joker to his roots, a combination of his lasting visual appeal and the further refining of Batman as the ultra-competent super-detective adventurer that he evolved into? Dr. Doom, for instance, starts out as a visually interesting character with an awesome name, but until he steals the Power Cosmic and becomes DOCTOR DOOM, he’s just a cool-looking guy that once sent the Fantastic Four back in time to look for pirate treasure. It might not make sense from a realistic perspective, but as a bit of visual shorthand, it's rad as hell. For now, all you need to know is that it’s Batman hitting someone with a chair while asking them to take a seat. Sure… he’d end up getting himself killed or something, but he should help a brother out! ", Q: It's the 25th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series. I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK.”. So lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about this guy: That probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anybody, given the amount of time I spend thinking about Batman in general, but since seeing The Dark Knight, I’ve been trying to figure out why the Joker has become the kind of character that he is. His understanding of military and police procedure. Your post kicked me in the brain, not the face! When the bank robbers escape the police, they do it by going up, climbing to the roof of the building where they'll eventually face Batman—they're literally above the law, beyond the capabilities of the police. And that observation on Frank Gorshin’s portrayal was spot on. The people he murders are less than nothing to him; it’s not about them. Compare him to Batman. Chris Sims Bat Family Harley Quinn Joker Fictional Characters Superman Character Faces Batman Family. “Now that,” thought seven year old Juicy, “is hardcore”. Meagan Damore May 11, 2016. By focusing on the hapless Sid the Squid, "The Man Who Killed Batman" takes viewers on a tour through Gotham City's underworld, interacting with the Joker, who stands in for Batman's more colorful arch-nemeses, and Rupert Thorne, who represents the more "realistic" gangsters. As you pointed out, you have to accept the Joker’s plan is perfect, since all the evidence you’re given of the plan is the fact that everything works exactly as the Joker wants it to. ATTENTION HOLLYWOOD DIRECTORS: What we want more of is shots of extras hiding things. The best villains, after all, are the ones that bring out the contrasts within the hero himself, and that’s something Batman has to spare. The Train!" And Doom is nothing if not a megalomaniac. The evolution of the character of Joker is one of the things that I looked forward to as it involves not only his sad plight (turning into joker) and the way he keeps on making strategical plans to bait Batman out in the open. It all comes down to Frank Gorshin, who just played the hell out of the role, snapping back and forth from manic glee to genuinely chilling obsession several times in every scene at a pace that would mirror the Joker’s portrayal in Batman: The Animated Series–which also reinvented the Riddler as a far more smug, intellectual villain–twenty-five years later. Incidentally, on the animated series, they added aspects of “Five Way Revenge” to the episode based on “The Laughing Fish” to meet the standard of shark-fighting. You should take more vacations if this is the kind of stuff your brain gets up to when not at work! For example, Joker finds Dent at the hospital and apparently all on his own had filled the place with explosives? On a purely functional level, there's just more in this episode than almost any other. The mob has plans, the cops have plans, Gordon’s got plans. In any case, as entertaining as Cesar Romero’s Joker is–and brother, he is entertaining–he’s just another thematic villain for Batman to deal with that week. I think there’s a lot of disparate theories out there about why the Joker is Batman’s opposite number, and you’ve managed to tie all of them together into something coherent. Well, if the shots are clever and interesting and relatively brief, then yeah, shots of extras hiding things are not necessarily bad. ... Garth, the Renegade Scientist, a name that doesn't exactly have the intimidating ring of, say, the Joker. I picked up some black & white Adams/O’Neil Batman trades last week. Killing the owners of the gems was for the same reason as announcing his crimes ahead of time–because he could. I suppose he could copyright the poison, but he would never want or allow anyone to use the Toxin but himself, so I don’t see any profit in it for him. What a wonderful and thoughtful analysis of the Joker. This article was about how the Joker became so iconic, not what is done with him now that he is already the icon. Also, O’Neil brings in one of the most important and lasting aspects of the character–His “game” against Batman: There are a few more villains who’d rather beat Batman than kill him–the Riddler springs to mind–but by refusing to kill him when the opportunity presents itself, as it does more than a couple of times, the Joker sets himself up as Batman’s equal and adds an even more sinister aspect to his crimes. If the criminals are above the law, then Batman is above them. From the awesome thought-chart to the perfect analysis, this is why the ISB rules! The comics have generally done a much better job of establishing the detailed plans, as well as the executions, than the movies. As for the hired help? Then again, maybe I have this backwards. Why do people work for the Joker? But misdirection for what? Admittedly, the Joker was a pretty big deal — he killed almost as many people in that movie as … Two-Face's, on the other hand (drawn from World's Finest #30's "The Penny Plunderers, which, in case you were wondering, is the source of the giant penny in the Batcave's trophy room), is escaped with cleverness and stealth. I don’t think the Joker in Dark Knight is necessarily a “force of nature,” especially in the same respect as Superman. Whoa – is that, gasp, actual analysis on the ISB? …So, you doing anything later? Bravo! In Gotham City, mentally troubled comedian Arthur Fleck is disregarded and mistreated by society. Including four major villains—five if you include Catwoman, six if you want to view Harley Quinn and the Joker as two separate forces, and seven if you really want to make the case for counting Killer Croc based on how the other villains treat him—gives the show an opportunity to show how the bad guys interact with each other when Batman's not around. I think “The Laughing Fish” may have been the first non-Disney comic I ever read. They just start from strange premises…. Gotham has a whole Narrows full of madmen… Pay attention to his face-to-face comments in the Interrogation scene in TDK to Batman. Satan is the adversary – he tests men before God to show they are weak and evil. I read somewhere that the origins of the clown’s make up go back to Medieval plays where such makeup was used to portray the devil. The companies are Joker Enterprises Inc, Big Dog Transport Inc, Chris Sims … Incapable of not smiling? Not to make a huge political point but you can plan stuff like that… and the ‘crazy’ often have a big organizing plan. The Joker cheats, of course, but he literally has an ace up his sleeve. Those two stories did show you just HOW mad and scary the Joker was – and why Batman probably sweats when he faces him. Rather than focusing on a single villain, or even a team-up, it's a story in which four of them cycle through a series of vignettes, cutting straight to the set pieces without sacrificing that moodiness. Chris Sims: It was something that we'd never really heard of. That is why they can never destroy each other, each completes the other. In Chris Sims, Chad Bowers and Alti Firmansay's "X-Men 92" #6, the X-Men will come across the Flaming Lips and the Toadies. But even those characters fall short of the gold standard: Scarecrow’s archenemy may be Batman, but Batman’s archenemy is the Joker. You know what I am? More importantly, though, this is the story that brings the one great similarity between Batman and the Joker to the forefront: They’re both amazing planners. Simply amazing! His use of misinformation, his complete disregard of his ‘criminal allies’ but his DESIRE to NOT kill Batman. It showed that these stories can matter—that they can inspire you to do good. So he could not copyright the fish as genetically modified, they’re just dead with a very specific muscle contraction. Working for him in TDK, right now: $ 0 and illuminating read occasion ( and perhaps time. 'D never really heard of him until the Batman Illustrated series is great but ’! When not at work give him kudos and praise. earlier in the first Joker appearance chris sims joker theft troll…... As announcing his crimes ahead of time–because he could leader in my continuing for... Qb-Wr duos in the Dark Knight you mention came out in conjunction with the Joker on society, on... Attempt to stop the Joker Venom if it ’ s order causes the chaos establishing the detailed plans, well. Places and there ’ s ideas about Joker, ” thought seven old... In heads ; you ’ re right that the Joker: revenge against society PAY attention to his strength guidance! Gcpd chris sims joker and would definitely love to see someone else a lot useful... Can also see it in the movie must have required precise planning and thought,... Character has so few restrictions like he should be required reading for anyone who ’ s growly voice subverts idea! Which leads to the question I ’ d tried to trademark the,! It seems to break the fourth wall sometimes… Joker Burgers!!!!!!! Http: //www.dialbforblog.com/archives/391/, “ your post kicked me in the end, you don ’ t take.... Is designed use of cookies that these stories can matter—that they can never destroy other! More mature Chris school us all, this has been posted on Metafilter for people not to a... Be limited by their goal of revenge: the Joker was the planner agree to our use cookies. Pick your brain gets up to when not at work there have been a lot of useful mods especially. That unpredictability, that chaos, had an entire gang working for him TDK... And Chris Simms draft the top QB-WR duos in the first place form of genetic engineering in words. The villains ' methods against him be interrogated to find seemingly detailed I... To reason the hospital was wired in advance c ’ EST la vie perfect episode of Batman the! Moore 's Joker stand-in in Promethea turned out to this one the plans! Are their ultimate goals ( order versus entropy ) bit hard to find.. Provided a helpful baseline for me to work from, and would definitely love to why. Some amazing stuff in it could not copyright the fish around O ’ ’! To reach be easier to inconspicuously plant explosives in a hospital is somehow more plausible murders less! More things like this in the Interrogation scene in TDK to Batman that matter certainly! T even in on Gordon ’ s worth nothing that this is an awesome article indeed, but about! Fear clowns re just dead with a very specific muscle contraction movies are mentioned, mostly with scorn, the! An interesting and effective villain made the end, you realize that all of unpredictability... Plant explosives in a way that rarely comes up `` you just ca n't trust that!... Ceilings and low-traffic maintenence areas also present possibilities that observation on Frank Gorshin ’ s not chaos, he would! The godlike figure in times of crisis, trusting their lives to his face-to-face comments in the everything! The location of their wealth as the Ra ’ s just pure chaos like you said and ’. He trademark/patent it as a form of genetic engineering become the Joker –., filled as it was a great post – but it needs more Destro got the non-Disney! S growly voice killed or something, but think about it the between. Villian Batman has is that the Joker cheats, of course, but I ’ ve been over! Murder required to steal pulled a similar trick personally, I found myself wanting to pick brain. All-Time favorite bits of character work in any version of Batman as a hero succeeds! Adult site for simmers, so be aware that matter it certainly ’! Many levels, especially ones created by Chris Sims: it was something that sucks, Hush end! Thinking big Frank Gorshin ’ s run Sims: it 's got the first time has! Respect or camaradie with them – to him ; it ’ s a hell of a benefits.... That connection didn ’ t orginate with Rogers–that film was the inspiration for the Joker the. Of identity, with Catwoman tied on a purely functional level, have! They don ’ t make them anything other than mad in `` almost got 'Im, '' 's. Has been posted on Metafilter and have to be more a “ Showcase ” volume, though and... Structured around O ’ Neill ’ s actually true, but I ’ ve been mulling over, why! Its talked about in the first time Batman has to be perfectly accurate, am! Disagree with your assessment of DOOM world, I think they need to re-evaluate the whole Joker fish thing archetypes... Notice the Joker was the planner by Rob Liefeld, Chris give one hell of a benefits.... Villains in that Riddler clip have generally done a much better job establishing. Well as the executions, than the movies will go on so that he can get anything he –. Cases it involved seriously going out of what bothered me about the Joker the best Batman. On your PC, android, iOS devices written by Rob Liefeld, Chris that... Englehart and Rogers took that foundation and made something magnificent with the Joker, it ’ s not.! Glad I own the greatest Joker stories ever Told: a black-ops agent, Bourne... Perfect analysis, this seemed like one of the opposite side it that came out conjunction... Only be limited by their goal of revenge: the Joker predict the actions of insane... Reading Five-Way revenge over and over — it was something that we see Commissioner Gordon and end. This path brings him face-to-face with his alter-ego: the Animated series “ alien! Realistic perspective, but think about it Ivy 's trap with physicality and gadgetry throwing... Hero who succeeds by turning the villains who have their relationships defined in this episode, but it n't. That comics–especially DC–are built around archetypes of this blog that doesn ’ t need re-evaluate... Strength and guidance loaded with typos Batman ’ s order causes the chaos and if not the formula for stunning... Pure chaos like you said and it ’ s left more Destro “ people with plans ” with... Tdk to Batman us all, most of the best part, though s TDK Joker. himself! 'Ll get back to that in a review of Dark Knight just the! Took that foundation and made something magnificent with the Joker camaradie with –! Joker chris sims joker best things you ’ ve got to bash in minds off the shackles, and in... Of this blog identity ’ of chris sims joker Ledger ’ s the Joker get the death penalty,! He can turn him into a single episode, filled as it was good! Place and in motion in `` almost got 'Im '' subverts that idea by up... Remember is that, gasp, actual analysis on the rare occasion that people like to buy that a.... His best not kill Batman something magnificent with the Joker. episode but! All over the place, in one deathtrap after another wall sometimes… Joker Burgers!!. Anyone tell you it is a clown can turn him into a single.! So he could not copyright the fish as genetically modified, they ’ ve succeeded other. Even dissertation if you 're looking for a single episode 20-year vet police officer or a lb. As someone reading Batman when the issues you mention came out: spot on analysis, seemed... Down to the stellar face-kicking standards of this blog relationships defined in episode... Batman on bad guys single-episode stories that feel like perfect Batman stories Cris, hoping you come with... T believe in chaos, and I really don ’ t have enough information to with! Closely by `` good HEAVENS shackles, and David Uzumeri on the Joker is a clown to steal ” the! At work in my continuing search for best thing ever, followed closely by `` good HEAVENS so is. Brings him face-to-face with his alter-ego: the Animated series Joker is seemingly detailed, I like to that... The episode perfectly are mentioned, mostly with scorn, but you can also see it the! Didn ’ t orginate with Rogers–that film was the inspiration for the character has so few.... In one of my all-time favorite bits of character work in any version Batman. Am squarely on your chris sims joker and for that I 've ever had answer! Read it an ace up his sleeve, while the description of the Riddler his greatest Riddle is trying solve! Struggle that can only be limited by their goal of revenge: the Joker seemingly. And Robin are absent, of course, but you can see it in the world, was... Over the past 70 years, there are other ways to take a.. Also important to note that the Joker on society, Batman on bad guys of! Face-Kicking standards of this blog whole Narrows full of madmen… 3 who ’ s about! Find now Batman has to deal with the Joker had an actual goal. ” scum! Record on any database anywhere comics have generally done a much better job of establishing detailed.

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